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DFW Premier Liquid Catering


DFW Bartending, LLC provides skilled, friendly, attractive, and professionally trained bartenders for the Dallas - Fort Worth area. Our TABC certified bartenders are dedicated to providing you with the highest level of bartending services possible.  DFW Bartending, LLC provides General and Liquor Liability Insurance up to two million dollars.  Having an exclusive bartending experience for all types of private parties can be the perfect upgrade for any event! Our skilled bartenders will arrive early, setup and clean up, providing first class service to you and your guests. 

DFW Bartending Services can help you determine exactly what beverages to serve depending on the number of people and the type of event or party being hosted. We can save you money by helping you determine the right quantities of liquor and mixers to buy so you don't end up with extra liquor. 

Not only are our bartenders confident in the classic cocktails, but are always up-to-date with the latest trendy drinks!  DFW Bartending have the tools and knowledge to craft the perfect drink every time!



DFW Bartending posesses a TABC Liquor License so we are able to provide alcohol to your event

through our packages. 

Contact us for more details.


We have a well seasoned staff from many different backgrounds.  Our Bartenders are all TABC certified and carry liability insurance.  


We are very driven to help your event succeed.  Our staffing unit is available to help serve, buss, setup, teardown.

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