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Signature Drink: Cranberry Gin-ger Mule

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

This Cranberry Gin-ger Mule combines the floral taste of elderflower with the bold flavor of gin. A touch of agave adds a bit of sweetness, while the cranberry adds a tangy balance, topped with ginger beer.

Cranberry Gin-ger Mule


Elderflower Syrup


Cranberry Juice

Topped with Ginger Beer

Vendor Credits:

Venue: @theeestablishmentbarn Photographer: @breanamariephotography Florals: @wildroseevents HAMU: @rebekah.hmu Rings: @dallasdiamondbar Cake: @koolkakesbydylan Bar service: @dfwbartending Catering: @royalcateringdfw Leather wrap @areowheadranchleather Animals: @bigcityfarm Flower truck: @annielanesflowers Hat + Bible: @suede.honey Invitations: @emilyfeazeldesigns


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