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Signature Drink: Espresso Martini

The Espresso Martini is a sophisticated cocktail that combines the bold flavors of freshly brewed espresso with the smoothness of vodka, the creaminess of Irish cream liqueur, and the depth of coffee liquor.

To make an Espresso Martini, shake together vodka, Irish cream liqueur, coffee liquor, and freshly brewed espresso with ice. Strain into a martini glass and garnish to your liking. Sip and enjoy the rich and indulgent flavors.


Irish Cream Liqueur

Coffee Liquor

*Half and half can be added to make it light and airy

Vendor Credits:

Venue: @lazyshacienda

Planning + Design: @knightedaffairs

Photography: @allisonbolinphoto

HMU: @sheisartbeauty

Catering: @texas_catering

Acrylics: @thelittlelambstudio

Bar: @dfwbartending

Stationary: @k_creativeco

Videography: @aboutaugustfilms

Bridal Wear: @bridesandbeyond

Floral: @trfloral

Rentals: @hwy109couture

Cake: @legacycakes


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