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Wine Service

Are you adding Wine Service to dinner? Let's talk about it!

First, what can you expect from a wine service experience?

Servers will bring a red and white wine to tables, offering guests a glass with dinner. The table will already be set with a red and white wine glass the guests will use if they choose to partake. You can also offer champagne as an option if it fits the entrée selection or mood of the event. Just make sure there are also champagne flutes at the place settings.

Is it a good idea for your event?

Maybe! Wine Service doesn't typically work logistically for meals served at a buffet, since guests will be getting up at different times for their meal. During a plated dinner, this can be an elegant touch.

What else should I consider?

To achieve the desired effect, you'll need about 1 wine server for every 30 guests. You may want additional staff if the layout of the room is crowded.

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