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Got an event coming up with an outside cocktail hour?

Whether you're planning a wedding reception, corporate event, or backyard bash, DFW Bartending has some tips to ensure that your cocktail hour is a success:

🍺🍷Consider starting with beer and wine outside to keep things simple, and then feel free to bring the full bar inside once everyone's ready to party.

🕑It usually takes about 15-20 minutes to move the bar inside, so plan accordingly.

🚰Keep your guests hydrated during warmer months by providing water stations. This will help ensure that your guests stay cool and refreshed.

🍹If you're planning on serving up some delicious cocktails, don't forget to have at least 2 pounds of ice per guest on hand. This will ensure that your drinks are properly chilled and ready to enjoy. There's nothing worse than a warm cocktail on a hot day!

Cheers to a great event! 🍸🍷🍺

Vendor Credits:

Bride : @the_hoppy_girl

Planner: @onefatdove

Photo: @mattallen

Catering: @patrioticpig


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