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The Wine Guide! What you need at the bar:

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

There are so many different types of wine, but do you want to bring the whole wine cellar with you? Probably not! Pick a sweet and a dry wine to serve. Your wine-loving guests will love at least one of the options.

Use this guide to find your sweet and dry options:

White Wines:

Moscato (sweet)

Riesling (sweet)

Pinot Grigio (semi sweet)

Sauvignon Blanc (semi sweet)

Chardonnay (dry)

Red Wines:

Red Blend (semi sweet)

Merlot (semi sweet)

Pinot Noir (dry)

Cabernet Sauvignon (dry)

Additional Note: Rose wines can be sweet or dry, depending on the blend used to create the rose. Check the back of your bottle.

Venue: Bethel Rock

Photographer: Madison Grace Photo

Bartender: DFW Bartending

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