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Are Table Assignments right for you?

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

Should your guests have assigned tables? Maybe... let me explain! ⠀

YES if... ⠀

- You're serving a plated dinner ⠀

- RSVP's have you at the venue's capacity ⠀

- Some guests won't know many others, and you want to make sure they sit with people they know ⠀


- Dinner will be served buffet style ⠀

- You'll have more than enough seating for everyone ⠀

- It's a smaller group where everyone knows each other ⠀

Either way, your immediate family and wedding party absolutely needs reserved tables. They'll likely be the last to enter the reception hall, so they won't be able to grab their seats early. Make sure they have their own space before they enter the reception. ⠀⠀

Use online tools to keep track of your seating! Check out AllSeated for an instant tool!

Venue: @lazyshacienda

Photography: @brandiallysephoto

Planner: @maxwellandgray

Caterer: @chuyscateringdfw

Cake: @flourshoptx

Band: @intensitybands

Floral: @studiotersilla

MUAH: @jonesbeautyco

Video: @tyhigbyvideo

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