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What garnishes do I need?


You'll need limes to garnish most drinks, and even some beers like Dos Equis or Corona. They're going to be a staple at your bar.


Lemons are needed for a Lemon Drop, Chilton, or a cocktail made with lemonade.


There are two types of cherries that can be added to a cocktail. Maraschino Cherries are the super sweet, bright red cherries you're used to seeing. They're great for Shirley Temples or very sweet, cherry flavored drinks. Luxardo cherries are smaller and almost sour. These are used for an Old Fashioned or Manhattan.


Use oranges to garnish sweet citrus cocktails or Blue Moon beer. They're great for rum punches or mimosas. A peel or twist will be added to your Old Fashioned.

Get creative! Herbs like mint or rosemary can add a fragrant dimension to your cocktails. Edible flowers will add a beautiful, elegant touch. Dehydrated fruit is a great way to make drinks look interesting without changing the great flavor.

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