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How to rent Glassware

1) How much glassware does the bar need?

Wine Glasses: 1 per guest

Rocks Glasses: 3-4 per guest

For example, a bar for 150 guests for 4 hours will need 1 wine glass per guest and 3 rocks glasses per guest. This comes out to 150 wine glasses and 450 rocks glasses.

2) What about the champagne toast?

If you're serving a champagne toast, you'll need 1 flute or coupe per guest for the toast. If champagne will be served all evening, this is in addition to the glasses you'll use for the service.

3) Who picks up the used glassware?

You'll need a busser to clear and pack the used glassware throughout the evening. We recommend 1 busser per 40 guests to clear and manage glassware.

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