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The Ultimate Bar Checklist

The complete guide to everything the bar needs at your event!

  • Beer – check with your venue for preference for bottles/cans

  • Wine – Box wine will be difficult to chill and keep cold while serving, bottles are recommended

  • Liquor – 750mL to 1L bottles preferred, 1.75L bottles can be difficult to handle

  • Mixers

  • Coolers – Mixers will not be chilled, and we don’t need to ice down all the beer right away! 2 50 quart or 1 100-120 quart cooler would be just fine

  • Ice – we estimate 1lb/guest for the bar, but will need more if serving outdoors

  • Clean Ice & Bucket*

  • Wine Glasses

  • Rocks Glasses

  • Cocktail Napkins*

  • Straws*

  • Shakers*

  • Strainers*

  • Jiggers*

  • Corkscrew*

  • Bottle Opener*

  • Bar Mat*

  • Cutting Board & Knife*

  • Garnish bowls/display*

  • Menu – please list the signature drinks with a brief description (we can help you with the verbiage)

  • Water – mini water bottles are great so we can continue to serve water after the caterer leaves, shutting down the self-serve station

  • TABC Certifications*

  • General Liability & Liquor Liability Insurance*

  • Towels*

  • Pour spouts*

*Starred items are provided with any DFW Bartending package!


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