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You need a Champagne Tower.

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

We're going to say it. You need a champagne tower.

Why? First, it's fabulous. What a showstopping way to kick off the party! Second, it's champagne. Here are some more ways you might use a champagne tower at your reception:

If you're having a dessert bar instead of a cake, replace the cake cutting with a champagne tower pour! Link arms to sip bubbly for a great picture (plus, no cake in the face).

Want to make a grand entrance, but dancing isn't your thing? We'll set up the tower so that it's ready as you make your debut! Pour the champagne and start the party with style.

Involve your guests! Have them come help you pour the champagne and take pictures together as they're pouring. It can take a lot of champagne to fill a tower, so you'll have lots of candid photo opportunities with your favorite people.

Fill it with whatever you want! Not into champagne? No one said the only thing you can put in a coupe is champagne. Feature your signature drink or a fun cocktail in a beautiful display!

Let us know that you need the Champagne Tower Package!

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